The main use of duct tape: duct tape is a kind of easy to tear cloth as the substrate, in the surface without glue on the PE polyethylene film, in the inner layer evenly coated with hot sol water or rubber glue, and the formation of high viscosity roll adhesive tape.

It belongs to the type of medical tape, with a strong peeling force, tension resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance characteristics.

Since duct tape has so many features, what is duct tape mainly used for?It is mainly used for piping binding, high-grade sealing and sealing, heavy binding, carpet fixing, ground marking, sealing and other purposes.It is also frequently used in the automotive industry, paper industry, mechanical and electrical industry, can be used in the car cab, chassis, cabinets and other good waterproof measures, its own easy die cutting processing.

Because the surface of the duct tape is covered with polyethylene PE film.So the surface is smooth.It is waterproof and oil proof.So it’s widely used in the open air,

At present, tesa cloth tape is widely used in automobile, electronics, construction, electrical appliances, aircraft, ships, rail locomotives, entertainment and exhibition and many other fields.